Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Continuous Assessment is Good


The method of assessing students in university. It uses a Continuous Assessment system, in which every single task or assignment or test is taken into account. That is where we have our 'carry-mark'.

Quizzes non-stop for different subjects, for these 3 weeks onwards, make me think how good the system is. Usually for every subjects, we are exposed to the few assessment parts, including the mid-semester examinations, quizzes, laboratory reports etc. They are counted for a specific percentange, to be summed up at the end of the semester. Theres no room to 'hold on'. Once you missed a part of the study, you got to run. Things keep on going continuously, and later around the corner, what you've been through will be tested. Once you failed, the mark cannot be erased. Period.

Like no turning back. What to do, is to do better for the next.

And what else to do, is to do the best for every single time.

But another thing that stressed me out, is because this thingy disable the learn-from-mistakes study. Most of the subjects, whatever that has been assessed, will not be assessed again in the future. Once you have it, tested on it, got the result, that is the once. But you may have the kinda repetition to the same topics but in different parts of the assessment system. That's where the smart study people showed up. Yet still, the learn-from-mistakes study can be valid. For general mistakes, of course. And that could have made a difference.

Reflecting the system, this is likely and unlikely to illustrate our life.

We are assessed. Continuously, isn't it? Should there be any turning back? No, but theres a method. Repent. Repent in a way that you will not re-do the action and try to make it better, but just by doing better in any actions onwards. There I noticed a significant point.

The only secret is to do the best everytime you are assessed. And even to be assessed has its own scheduled time. But in life, every second is an assessment. And therefore, to have the have the most carry-mark to be summed up at the end of the day, do the very best. We don't know which part of our daily life accounts for the biggest percentage to be carried, so we won't be bias in doing actions.

One clue; even a big of an atom is counted. Either good or bad. Do every single thing the best.

One more thing, we don't know when is the end of the semester. But this system teaches us to always be prepared.

And that's good!