Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Peace be upon you all, wishing you a Happy New Blessed Year!

Honestly speaking, I don't really feel like a new year.
It's typical that people celebrate it, but in fact it is just a change of a number. Can a number make a difference?

But yeah, you see. Who in the year 2000 will ever expect that we'll be living up to now, 2013? When I was standard 6, or generally speaking, I was in primary school, we've seen so many bad things happen and we used to relate it to the Last Hour. I always thought that the Hour was too near that I may not even able to live any longer, having a husband and children. The future seems so unpromising.

But yet, now I'm in 2013. If during the time of the Prophet sallahualaihi wasallam, the analogy for the world was as an old women, what would be her condition for now, after almost 1400 years past?

Last year ended with a death of Damini (not real name), a victim of a gang-raped case in New Delhi, on 29th December 2012.

By time, when people, bit by bit, leaving the nature of them, to have a God and purpose in life, we see human are getting inhumane. It can hardly be differentiated from human to animals. In some instances, we see that the animals can be more human than human itself.

That was what 2012 men did.

This new year, I bet, more inhumanity will be written on history.

What will 2013 men do this year?

Believe me, a number wouldn't change a man. The same, even worse thing will happen.
A new year, is a victory year for some, and intimidating for others, terrorizing for minors.
Some people are meant to die this year. Meant to be abused, meant to be corrupted, meant to be destroyed.

For having inhuman people, our future is terrorized.

Love Principle.

 Bajet gile kan ade Prinsip Cinta. Kahkah.

Flowering and blossoming like love? Kredit kepada Madmie AvantGarde

Kenapa nak tulis pasal ni? Out of the blue kan. Sebab aku tetiba terfikir tentang seseorang..


Cinta ni kena ikut konteks. So aku tulis ni ikut konteks orang yang percaya adanya Tuhan, dan percaya yang Dia ada hantar utusan yang sepatutnya menjadi contoh kita dalam kehidupan seharian.

Aku tak quote any holy scriptures, yang aku nak bebel cumalah benda logik dan fitrah, yang aku rasa patutnya semua orang boleh fikir. Kenapa aku nak guna logik je? Sebab cinta tu memang original nya ada kat diri semua orang. Tak perlu ada reference book pun orang dah pandai bercinta. Yang tengok jugak reference tu, adalah orang-orang yang mimpi nak bercinta macam drama korea or Cinderella - which is toooooo far away to resemble the reality.

Ayat aku macam kasar sikit sebab ni bab cintan cintun kan. So kalau ayat berbunga lagi la orang melayang. Dan aku, takde masa untuk benda-benda mengurangkan iman ni. Ececeh.

Bismillah dan assalamualaikum.

Tetiba hilang idea.


Young man, control in your hand.
Slam your fist on the table and make your demand.
Take a stand, make a fire for the flame of the youth,
Got a freedom to choose, you better make the right move.
(Matisyahu - Youth)

Ayat di atas utk naikkan semangat je: Slam your fist on the table!

It's still okay to give in in certain situations, but when it deals with love, I think it's a start of a very long journey when marriage happens. It's about my future, the kids I'm gonna raise and all family members on both sides. I need to be firm.

Tell me what do you feel when you're in love? Have you ever experienced one? I'm proud to admit, yes, but hypocrisy tells, I haven't REALLY.

When you're in love, it is so hard to tell anything wrong. Everything will be perceived as right, and both person will promise to sacrifice and do anything for the partner. Is that a typical story? It's shown in the movie, and it's happening for real. Cuma ending selalunya tak berlaku dalam realiti.

Dalam keadaan itu, we're uncontrollable. Nampak macam ok, tapi hati yang terpaut (macam terpaut kat pokok) susah nak dilepaskan. Tapi bila dah jatuh, baru kita perasan tinggi rendah pokok, baru perasan kenapa lah aku dok tergantung takde arah tujuan tu?

Uncontrollable means - your definition of what you do is no longer reflects the reality, but it is tied and narrowed down to entertain and fit your own love story.  Cause you got interest there. You get what I mean?

Partner kita tu macam pokok tu. He will not bring us anywhere, unless, die teruskan dengan perkahwinan, which is a very hard decision to do. Tapi kalau kita teruskan bertaut, apa yang kita dapat? Keseronokan dibuai angin sambil terhuyung hayang di pergantungan kat pokok tu. Yes, itu yang kita dapat. Memang seronok. Siapa yang taknak menikmati perasaan indah di celahan hidup yang penuh stress ni kan?
Kerana ia adalah keputusan yang sangat berat (utk teruskan dengan berkahwin), makanya, orang lelaki atau perempuan yang mulakan hajat itu, aku kira sebagai, mature, determined and serious!

Tapi kalau yang cakap "ok, kita akan kahwin, tapi sabar ye sayang..' dan dalam masa die nak suruh aku bersabar tu, die nak aku tumpahkan jugak kasih sayang kat die, ataupun aku yang nak jugak bagi kasih sayang kat orang yang entah2 tak sempat pun kahwin dengan aku sebab Allah panggil die dulu, tu dua-dua spesis, aku kire, GEDIK. 

Gedik dan aku condemn perbuatan itu sebagai; a serious harassment! Even if it has a mutual consent from both parties dan walaupun aku tak terlibat.

Kenapa serious harassment? Sebab..
- ia mengganggu status kedua-dua pihak untuk bergantung harap kepada Allah yang satu, 
- ia akan membuatkan kita mencampur adukkan yang batil dan hak.
- kurangnya keberkatan dalam perkahwinan, sebab, melanggar larangan Allah sebelum berkahwin.
- mengambil hak orang lain yang lebih layak utk diberi kasih sayang. Macam aku ni :) kahkah.

Things are pretty much simple.

1. Get ready for yourself to get married ie mentally, physically, financially prepared.
2. If you have someone in mind, approach her/him with all your preparations. (Note: IF you have prepared)
3. If you have someone but not prepared:
    - Fast, as what Rasulullah has adviced.
    - Keep on praying to Allah while preparing yourself.
    - Don't EVER tell her/him anything or give any hint! You have to SURE to Allah that if you keep on praying, keep on trusting that she's the one Allah has written for you, the best for you, you will surely get her. Worry not!
4. Get clear with her/his parents. Have all your plans in mind - clarified - to her/his parents.
5. Proceed with a very simple marriage :)
6. Have your very FIRST honeymoon (physically and emotionally) happily and blissfully. Ameen!
7. Die and remarry in the Jannah! Awwww!

Afraid if you're not compatible with her/him?

1. Build your trust in Allah - that you get someone good for you.
2. Approach her/his parents saying that you wanna know how is she/he like.
3. Meet her/him, with an accompany of a married couple who's expert in handling the taaruf session.
4. Apply for matrimonial and tell your demand.

I cannot guarantee that if you follow this, your marriage will last long. But Allah guarantees that a blessed marriage will last long. This is just a general guidelines, which I think is the best way to keep the barakah, that I can come up with, based from my experience listening to talks and talking to people and having a counseling and having my own journey. Yet, I'm not married and still searching the better :)

Jangan main-main dengan hati orang!
Don't be afraid, slam your fist on the table and make your demand!

Yeaaaaah. Happy marrying!