Saturday, March 13, 2010




I am currently planning to do a dakwah-based business by producing t-shirts with islamic messages. This business is a collaboration between me and some old friends of mine and we have just started. The root purpose of doing this is merely to CONVEY the message of Islam in a more acceptable and effective (insyaAllah) way. Hopefully this could be a door for people to be curious and want to know more about Islam and in the same time, erasing bad thoughts of Islam in their heads.

Wearing the shirts, can be a reminder for you and others to actually realize who we are.
And there will definitely be an additional credit from Allah to appreciate your effort, InsyaAllah.


Buy and support us if you want to do dakwah, but you just don't know how to start it.
Buy and support us if you want to promote good attitude in a more interesting way.
Buy and support us if you want to...just buy and support us. :)

and we are,


We proudly introduce you our two first updated designs:



All designs are available in all sizes from S to XL.
The standard price for guys' shirt : RM25.
Interested?You can start order now!
SMS/Call me at 0137215852 (Nur) or 0197432235.
For those who are interested to purchase any of the stuff in this blog via post:-
Feel free to inform me via sms. sms me ur name, colour patern, address.
- bank in the amount to my friend's account(maybank) :
114496090662 (ahmad ridhuan bin ahmad yani)
- sms me once u banked in the money and the reciept number.
- then, i'll post the stuff that u want a.s.a.p.
post rate:-
+ rm5 for normal post
+ rm10 for post laju

Order is open NOW until 7th April 2010.
Any inqueries, please contact me or Ewan (0132029459)

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Benefits of Change

I bought Reader Digest, at Borders, The Curve, Kuala Lumpur. And a novel too, Bone By Bone, which i haven't finished reading it until now. That was about three weeks ago. I didn't have much money, but i'd just felt like spending it for books. And it won't cause me a regret though the books might be boring, or expensive.

Today I'd like to share a story, which I read from Reader's Digest (Love Without Borders, February 2010) that just touched my heart and created a new perspective of 'giving'. The story was written in a segment called 'Kindness of Strangers'. It's a real story indeed.




I used to live selfishly:all my decisions were made putting my own needs and wants as the first consideration. It seems rather corny to say that one moment changed my life, but i honestly feel that it did have a huge impact on me. (me too :p)

I was on my lunch break and had left the office to get something to eat. On the way, I saw a busker. This was't something out of ordinary, there was always someone smart enough to busk near the office buildings during lunch.

As I walked past him, holding some coins in my hand, I thought to myself that he was only going to use the money to feed his addiction to drugs or alcohol. He looked like that type - young and ragged. Then I stopped, rather shocked at myself. What was I going to spend the money on? I only was going to feed my addiction on Coca-Cola and chocolate. I realised I had no right to place myself above him just because he was busking.

I stopped and dropped all the coins into his hat and he smiled at me. I watched for a while. As selfish as it sounds, I expected something more to come form that moment. I wanted a natural high or even a feeling of happiness, but nothing happened. So then I smiled and walked off, remembering why I never did things like that. It was a waste of money.

At the end of the day as I walked to the train station, I saw the busker packing up. watched him pick up the hat and empty the money into a small plastic bag. Then he walked over to a cafe counter and poured the entire contents into a tin collecting for a bushfire appeal.

He was busking for charity.

I realised just how selfish I had been. It took someone to take my money and donate it to charity for me to realise how easy it is for me to do the same. I now donate any change I have to charity tins and enjoy the feeling of happiness for the rest of the day. You could say I'm now addicted to the feeling of giving.

Amy Taylor.


Life is teaching us. As we grow older, there's always something that happened which gradually turns us into someone else, than we were before.

It's just nice if we had time to change. And it's just nice to know that we actually have.

only one that matters. NOW or LATER?

Thanks to Him.
The One who guides us to life,
Who actually teaches us,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

kosong = 0


hehe. dapat online kat office umi. Semalam berjalan di One Utama tak teringat langsung nak online time boring2 berjalan tak tentu hala, menunggu orang, dan mencari premis restoran paling jimat dalam dunia di dalam bangunan yang besar paling tu. Bila dah dekat time balik, baru teringat nak online, sempat la jumpe email design baju yang agak berkurun jugak ana request, nasib baik email tu tak brhabuk lagi. Dapatla mulakan plan untuk Angah+Ude+mungkin Alang, walaupun dah agak lambat. Ingat nak stat plan time Hari Lahir. Takpe2.

Duit dalam beg dompet hari ini cukup2 rm1.

ini ke yang ana maksudkan dengan ´kosong´?

Baru dapat rasa, hidup sebenarnya susah. Bila kita susah, waktu ini ada orang rasa kosong, ada orang rasa lebih bermakna. Begitu jugak time senang. Mana yang bagus sebenarnya? Ikutlah persepsi sendiri yang dibentuk melalui pengalaman, ikut acuan yang role model kita penah ajar. Jumpa tak jawapan?

Bila kita ´sedar´ Allah ada (sebenarnya memang ada), istilah kosong tu tak pernah wujud. Tapi bagi hidup ana, pernah. Maknanya ana pernah rasa Allah takde. Betul ke? I´m sorry, Allah...

Rasa kosong itu wujud bila kita tahu Allah ada, tapi berbuat sesuatu seperti Allah tiada. Time tu rasa kosong+hina. Ingat Allah tu apa? Patung? Sesuatu yang wujud tapi tak harus dipedulikan? Paling berani dalam dunia.

Ceh. Ana cakap senang. Tapi ana tak sebijik macam yang ana tulis. Tapi bila tulis, ada harapan kan? hm...

Ana keluar habis sekolah menengah, duit dalam RM900 dalam bank tabung haji. Sekarang, tak sampai rm100 pun. Duit BSN, elaun+kasih orang, RM300+, hari ni tinggal RM30 lebih je. Ana boros ke? Allah tak suka orang boros, ana sendiri pantang kalau orang membazir. Tak perlulah cerita ke mana duit tu, yang penting, Allah tahu ana guna duit tu untuk apa, Yang pasti bukan suka-suka untuk beli handphone baru, beg baru, atau kasut baru. InsyaAllah, semuanya bukan untuk suka-suka.

ini kah kosong? Akaun dah kosong...?

Nikmat walau rasa sakit tu ada sikit. Nikmat ada akaun kosong bila kita tahu kenapa. Nikmat dapat rasa susah sama-sama dengan Alang. Untuk kawan ana, Syakirah, terima kasih sangat. Ana amat terhutang budi dengan anti..ana ana sepatutnya berbangga? Dua perasaan yang ana sendiri keliru.

Alang, takpe akaun kosong. Yang penting akaun akhirat kita tak kosong. Ingat, rezeki tu Allah yang bagi, hakikatnya tiada siapa pun yang kat dunia ni berduit, berharta. Kita semua kosong.


bila kita kosongkan material, tapi jiwa tidak tertunai haknya pada yang Esa, tiada nilainya.
bila kita penuhkan jiwa dengan tugas seorang hamba, tetapi material tidak berpaksi kepadaNya, juga tiada nilai.
bila tiada nilai, bermakna kita rugi! kosong!

kita tak nak menjadi pelacur yang menunaikan solat, atau muslimah yang kedekut, mengumpat dan mengeji.

Bila kita kembali mencelikkan mata, melihat hakikat hidup, baru sedar, Banyak perkara yang perlu kita lakukan, banyak kewajipan nak ditunaikan. Bila kita sedar matlamat, tahu caranya, dan jelas tujuannya...itu saat kita tidak lagi kekosongan..

Terima kasih Ya Allah, atas segala macam, segala bentuk, segala cara tarbiahMu..
dan ampuni aku, hambaMu yang sering mengulangi kesilapan lampau..