Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Peace be upon you all, wishing you a Happy New Blessed Year!

Honestly speaking, I don't really feel like a new year.
It's typical that people celebrate it, but in fact it is just a change of a number. Can a number make a difference?

But yeah, you see. Who in the year 2000 will ever expect that we'll be living up to now, 2013? When I was standard 6, or generally speaking, I was in primary school, we've seen so many bad things happen and we used to relate it to the Last Hour. I always thought that the Hour was too near that I may not even able to live any longer, having a husband and children. The future seems so unpromising.

But yet, now I'm in 2013. If during the time of the Prophet sallahualaihi wasallam, the analogy for the world was as an old women, what would be her condition for now, after almost 1400 years past?

Last year ended with a death of Damini (not real name), a victim of a gang-raped case in New Delhi, on 29th December 2012.

By time, when people, bit by bit, leaving the nature of them, to have a God and purpose in life, we see human are getting inhumane. It can hardly be differentiated from human to animals. In some instances, we see that the animals can be more human than human itself.

That was what 2012 men did.

This new year, I bet, more inhumanity will be written on history.

What will 2013 men do this year?

Believe me, a number wouldn't change a man. The same, even worse thing will happen.
A new year, is a victory year for some, and intimidating for others, terrorizing for minors.
Some people are meant to die this year. Meant to be abused, meant to be corrupted, meant to be destroyed.

For having inhuman people, our future is terrorized.

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