Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The past is too disgusting.

The future is yet to be interesting.

Stop looking at the back.

But moving forward forces me to bring along something. Can I just leave it behind?

Cause I wanted to start anew.

God. Let us forgive and forget.

Its a mistake that can be erased, I can even erase it myself.

I don't want to bring the false dreams forward. I don't want to reconstruct the tainted paintings.

I want to re-draw.

Erase everything and re-draw.

But if one of the painters refused, what shall I do?

The choice is mine.

How can I let it holds me back?

But the past is not to be forgotten.

It taught me how to drive carefully towards the future.

The more I learn from it, the more I realize how disgusting I've been.

The more I feel like leaving it behind, the more I want things to vanish.

The more I want to start anew.

I hope, my choice of turning a new leaf, wouldn't leave any souls hurt.

Please don't be hurt and understand.

I'm pretty sure, it was a false dream. It was fake. It was tainted. It's dirty.

Please understand and let's pray.

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